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"Spirit Board" Group Art Show November 5th Articulated Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Articulated Gallery is very excited to announce our November group art show "Spirit Board", opening November 5th at 8pm-11pm.
DJ's WhITCH & NAKO will be providing the music for the evening.
Curated by Artist / Art Writer / Jewelry Designer JL Schnabel.
Featuring works centered around the infamous "Haunted Boards" from.....

Jennybird Alcantara
Edith LeBeau
Jon Todd
Allyson Mellberg Taylor
Dave Miller Weeks
Liza Corbett
Chad Meritt
Jeremy Hush
Darla Jackson
Margaux Kent
Paul Romano
Kristen Ferrell
Elizabeth Levesque
Bird Reynolds
Monique Ligons
Jason Goldberg
Heather Gargon
Kelly Louise Judd
Leila Marvel
Karyn Crisis
Christina Brown
Eric Eaton
Caitlin Hackett
Jessica Ward
Buddy Nestor

Reception will be 8pm-11pm, November 5th, beverages and treats will be served.
Many artists will be in attendance. :)


Update October 9, 2011
Complete photo set of my Tarot paintings coming soon. I will also offer prints of these paintings. If you are interested in a particular one, email me at: kcrisisleather@yahoo.com

Right now I'm working on a large painting for a Ouija-themed show at Articulated Gallery in November. Opening reception November 5th.

My solo Tarot show opens October 1st at SR2 Gallery in Berkeley, CA. It will run through November 2nd.

November 6th I have a piece in a group Ouija-theme show at Articulated Gallery inside Loved To Death in San Francisco, CA.

Music news soon.